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Are you tired of paper overload? Unable to manage information overload? What if you could organize all content, eliminate most or all of the paper in your office, and free up valuable filing-cabinet storage--while creating an electronic filing system through which you could instantly access any stored document or critical information?

Most cutting-edge businesses already invest in information management technologies to enable efficient communication between partners, employees, and customers. However, while some of the existing technologies effectively manage structured data, most do not even begin to touch upon unstructured data.

Managing Unstructured Data

Even in an Internet age, the majority of business documents are created and stored in unstructured formats that may not be easily accessible, from paper to fax to Word processing documents to PDF, HTML, and email. Rebus Technology enables you not only to store these documents and their content but also to search for any content in any of these documents. Easily.

Using Rebus Technology's Recollect Enterprise software, businesses organize, store, manage, and share both paper-based and electronically transmitted information quickly and efficiently, anytime, anywhere. Simply convert hard copy information to electronic copy using any standard scanner or Digital Copier and Recollect. Easily import electronic material from other applications. Recollect Enterprise arranges your information within an electronic archive, enabling users to instantly locate and retrieve any filed information by searching for relevant words.

Rebus Technology offers an enterprise solution for organizations connected to a network, whether internet or intranet, and a mobile solution. For more information, go to Products or Solutions.